Dry Needling

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a globally recognized physical therapy technique that is used to remedy pain in the body. In dry needling, small sharp sterile needles are used to penetrate the upper tissues of the body into the muscles. It is important to note that the sterile needles used are not medicated using any drug before they are injected into the skin; this makes it a 100% natural procedure.

Joint pains, muscle stiffness, and other fascial issues can negatively affect your quality of life. Injuries can make you immobile, meaning you cannot go to work and will be forced to depend on other people to even help you. At times, the feeling of becoming a burden to friends and family can cause stress to an individual. This is why treatment options like dry needling are very important. They can effect a more speedy recovery and also help regulate other physiological aspects of the body like stress ensuring that you can recover well.

Benefits of dry needling include:


Pain reduction

Dry needling is applied by focusing on specific trigger points in the body which makes it very effective in reducing pain. The therapist first marks out the trigger points along the area where you are feeling pain and then inserts the needles in those areas. Once injected, the needles will help in reducing any inflammation, releasing tension and chemicals that may have accumulated in the muscles.


Improves the range motion

Dry needling makes it possible for an injured part of the body to move over a wider range which enhances flexibility. Full range of motion and proper movement of body fluids are especially beneficial to athletes because their muscles are always in motion.


Speeds the recovery process

Just like with other types of therapy, dry needling can reduce the healing time of an injury. Getting the lesion is usually less painful compared to the healing process, which calls for proper care on injured parts. Because of its ability to reduce inflammation and tension in muscles, an injured point is able to heal quicker.

Since dry needling involves the penetration of needles into the muscles, the professional massage therapist must exercise great skill. The therapist should be accurate enough when inserting the needles to avoid damaging nerves. Additionally, high hygienic standards have to be maintained around the area that’s to be injected, and the needles used should not be contaminated.

Rest assured we exercise great skill and caution so that you are going to gain the most benefit from this technique.

To experience this form of relief if you are in acute pain.