Fascial manipulation

Fascial manipulation now in Wollongong and Sutherland Shire

Some background information

Fascial manipulation is a treatment technique that was invented by Luigi Stecco of Italy. Luigi was a physical therapist and having encountered several injured patients, it had become frustrating for him to watch how long it took for injuries to fully recover which brought someone’s life to a halt, and also how the pain one had to go through the recovery process.

Driven by the passion to come up with a solution, Luigi developed his Fascial Manipulation technique. Fascial Manipulation is mainly focused and centered around the fascial system in the body. Fascia is a layer that covers soft tissues like muscles, nerves, and ligaments. The fascia ensures that everything is held together properly to ensure that one experiences painless motion as the tissues and bones slide over each other.

How does Fascial Manipulation work?

As you grow older, your soft tissues become denser and more rigid, which damages them. The damage can be caused by injuries, overuse, and under-usage for those that lead an inactive lifestyle. Increased tissue density is a hindrance to the movement because of the pain that it causes. With time, the increased density leads to body dysfunctions, chronic pain, and nerve damage. All this if not treated while still mild, may lead to surgery.

The Stecco Fascial Manipulation now offered in Wollongong and Sutherland by Trinacria Health therapy focuses on reversing the increases in soft tissue density. This is achieved by careful analysis of the tissues to identify those that have had an increase in density and are causing pain. After identifying the tissues, a therapist then uses deep friction to work on the tissue until the density in the tissues becomes fluid. It is essential to give your fascia this kind of treatment because it plays very crucial roles in the body. Some of the crucial functions of the fascia include:

Helps you to stay youthful

Problems associated with fascial tissue can lead to faster aging, which makes one appear older than they are. With fascial manipulation, the fascia can keep the tissue in good condition, which ensures that you maintain your vibrancy.

Offers protection to organs in the body

As already stated, fascia wraps around tissues and bones to ensure that there is no friction between them as you move. This is important because friction between your internal organs can cause considerable pain and even damage the organs ultimately.

Maintains your posture

From the time you are born, it is the fascia that holds together the tissues to ensure that you maintain a specific posture as you grow up. In later stages of life, your posture may change depending on what you engage in a lot. For example, long-distance drivers stay in a sitting posture for a significant part of their life. As a result, their fascia adjusts to accommodate their new posture. It is therefore important to take good care of the fascia through fascial manipulation.

Fascia also acts as a pain transmitter

Fascia just like all tissues in the body has receptors which can sense and transmit pain. When your fascia is not in the best condition, you are bound to feel some discomfort. In such a case, it is essential to get some fascial manipulation for the tissues to get back in good shape.

Things that can improve the health of your fascia

Stretch regularly- this exercise elongates the muscles, which helps to release tension from the fascia. Stretch daily for about twenty minutes holding each stretch for about one minute, for maximum results.


Frequent the sauna

By visiting the sauna, you will be providing the fascia with heat which improves its receptiveness. The heat from the sauna also reduced muscle soreness and made it easier for the muscles to relax after exercising.


Work on your cardio

It is advisable to take part in aerobic exercise such as running, swimming, and hiking because they provide the body with internal heat that ensures that your fascia stays healthy. Aerobic exercises are also known to support body symmetry which is essential for a healthy fascia.

Hydrate your body regularly

Hydrate your body regularly

Water is a building block of the body and plays a significant role in ensuring that every function is running smoothly. The fascia needs to stay hydrated so that it does not dry up and create friction while in motion.

A New Service for Massage Therapy offered in Wollongong and Miranda

When looking for a Fascial Manipulation therapist be assured of getting quality services at Trinacria Health Therapy. You can consider their certifications, experience, and also go through customer testimonials about the services offered by the given therapist.