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Trinacria Health Therapy - Cupping Therapy Clinic in Wollongong

Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy

For the past few years, a significant change has been witnessed in the medical field. Most patients if allowed to choose now prefer alternative forms of treatment like massage, over the traditional medical methods that involve drugs and other invasive procedures. One of the advantages that alternative forms of treatment have over drugs is that there are minimal side effects if any. One of the alternative treating methods that have been widely appreciated is the cupping therapy.

This special type of massage therapy can be carried out in two ways; either stationary or moving (gliding) cup therapy. Fixed cupping therapy in is done by placing cups applied with oil at a fixed position for more than five minutes while moving cup therapy is where the cups are moved continuously on the body to sanction different parts.

Benefits of Cupping Therapy

Whether you chose you to have the stationary cupping therapy or the moving one, you are assured of getting benefits from both methods. Some of the health conditions that you can treat using cuppings therapy include:

  • Headache- headaches are a common thing, especially when you are exposed to extreme sunlight or are exhausted. In most cases, people ignore the pain, but there are those cases where the pain becomes unbearable, and one has to seek medication. You can use the cupping therapy to remedy such headaches.
  • Back pain – cupping therapy is especially beneficial for treating pain that’s felt between the lower and the middle back.
  • Joint pains – joint pains can be caused by several diseases or an injury. Regardless of the cause, you can be sure that cupping massage will help alleviate the pain and increase your flexibility.
  • Insomnia- cupping therapy is an excellent remedy for you if you are having difficulties with getting sleep.
  • Asthma- breathing difficulties can make your life miserable. However, with the proper cupping therapy, the thoracic muscles are aided in relaxing, which allows more room for breathing.